Mooncusser Newfoundlands

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All dogs used in the Mooncusser breeding program have had their hearts cleared by a board certified cardiologist, hips and elbows xrayed, and cystinuria status determined.  All Mooncusser puppies will have had their hearts examined by a board certified cardiologist.  If we don't have puppies, we will gladly refer you to other responsible breeders who do.  

We, at Mooncusser Newfoundlands, have high hopes for each and every puppy we bring into this world.  Foremost, that if you decide to purchase one of our puppies, it will become a member of your family.

Please think long and hard before you decide to purchase a Newfoundland.  Make sure this dog will fit into your life, not your lifestyle.  If you should have any questions about the breed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please do not purchase a puppy based on what  you see on websites. Purchasing a puppy takes a lot of time and research.  Use the web to do your homework, and learn as much as you can about the breed.  Then, plan to take the time to talk to and visit breeders to see their dogs.  
Responsible breeders allow you to interact with their adults and do NOT let you see the puppies immediately.  Responsible breeders show their dogs to their Championships but do NOT brag about their dogs accomplishments in the show ring.  They are far more concerned about how you will care for their puppy.

The time you spend BEFORE you purchase your puppy will be well worth it. 
You might find a booklet by the Newfoundland Club of America, the Newf and You valuable.  It may be downloaded here:

If, after you have done your research and have decided that you might be interested in a Newfoundland, we ask that you fill out and return our questionnaire.  A .rtf version may be downloaded here.  Once filled out you may send it to the email listed on the questionnaire.