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Mooncusser Boys
Am. Can. CH. Mooncusser’s Midnight Sun, Am. Can. CD, Suni

Ch. Mooncusser Admiral Halsey, Briney *

Am. Can. CH. Mooncusser’s Midnight Magic, CD, Magic*

BISS Ch. Mooncusser Reef of Pouch Cove, ROM,  Wimpy * **

Ch. Mooncusser Starking Sagamor, ROM,  Gus*

Ch. Mooncusser Bruno Bear, Bruno

Am. Can. CH. Mooncusser’s Mogul-Meister, Mogul*

Ch. Mooncusser’s Yogi Beara, Yogi*

Ch. Mooncusser Newt of Starr King, Newtie*

Mooncusser’s Maximillian, CD, Max

Ch. Royal Viking Bailiwick, Bailey**

Ch. Mooncusser’s Aye Aye, Alex*

Ch. Darbydale’s Just Imagine

Ch. Pouch Cove’s Seafaring Tayle, Taylor

Ch. Royal Viking Leaps ‘N Bounds,  Bounder

BIS Ch. Mooncusser Ships in the Nite,  Nelson* ** *** ****

Ch. Mooncusser’s Packet Captain ,  Parker *
Ch. Hanningfield SS Mooncusser, Gavin **

Ch. Mooncusser’s After Midnight,  Byron*

Ch. Mooncusser's Morgan on the Rocks, Morgan

Ch. Hanningfield At Mooncusser, Colin

Ch. Mooncusser Boxing The Compass, Davis

GCH. Ch. Mooncusser Follow the Fleet, Fletcher * ** ****

Ch. Whisper Hill SS Mooncusser, Mason

Mooncusser Red Sky At Nite, Griffin

GCH. Mooncusser Sails With The Tide, DD, ROM McGee

Can. Ch. Mooncusser’s Covert Affair, BN, RN, CGC, * ** Langley

Ch. Mooncusser One Over Par at Bearingtn, Bogey

Ch. Mooncussers Roughing The Passer at Bearington, Howie

Mooncusser’s Spread More Canvass, Stebbins

Ch. Abbie Hills Living the Life of Reilly at Mooncusser, Reilly

Ch. Mooncusser Signal the Fleet, Sawyer

Mooncusser Jack Tar, Jack

Ch. Mooncusser Lighthouse Keeper, George



* Group Placing
** Group Winning
*** National Specialty Select
****Best In Show

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