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Mooncusser Girls

Ch. Compass Rose Stays’l,  Stays’l
Ch. Mooncusser Friendship Sloop,  Bertha

Ch. Mooncusser’s Nana of Tamiroka, Nana

Ch. Mooncusser’s Dutch Treat, ROM,  Emma

Ch. Tamiroka’s Lady Siwa, Siwa

Ch. Mooncusser Sloop Aurelia, Really***

Ch.  Mooncusser Strike the Main, Lydia

Ch. Mooncusser’s Making Waves, ROM,  Martha ***

Ch. Mooncusser RSVP of Pouch Cove, ROM,  Summer***

Ch. Mooncusser’s Take Two, Hannah

Ch. Mooncusser Pieces of Eight, Sylvia

Ch. Mooncusser Oliva O’Nitupsar, Oliva

Ch. Mooncusser Splish Splash, CD, Georgia

VNCh. Mooncusser Ahoy of Pouch Cove, CDX, WRD, DD, Meggie

Ch. Mooncusser Mina of Starrking, Mina

Ch. Mooncusser’s Slightly Salty, Shelia

Ch. Mooncusser Kayla Pouch Cove, Kayla

Ch. Mooncusser Sail of Pouch Cove, ROM, Sail

Ch. Mooncusser Julia Bartlett, Julia

Ch. Mooncusser’s All Aboard, Brenda

Ch. Mooncusser’s Windwagon Kate, Katie

Ch. Mooncusser Clean Pair O’Heels, ROM, Gloria*

Ch. Mooncusser’s All in the Wind, Andrea*

Ch. Mooncusser’s Making A Splash, CD, Maya

Ch. Mooncusser Catch the Wave, Peggy

Ch. Mooncusser’s Summer Days, Daisy

Ch. Royal Viking Rant N’ Rave, Raven

Ch. Mooncusser’s Against the Wind, Rhonda

Ch. Mooncusser Lick and a Promis, Missy

VNCh. Mooncusser’s Piper Pouch Cove, CD, WRD, DD, Piper

Ch. Mooncusser’s In Full Sail, Celia *

Ch. Pouch Cove’s Declaration, Becca

Ch. Mooncusser Widow’s Walk, ROM, Lila ** ***

Ch. Mooncusser’s Regatta, Tina

BIS Ch. Mooncusser’s Maid to Order, Henley * ** ***

Ch. Royal Viking Christmas Carol, Dickens

Ch. Mooncusser Gwen of Starr King, Gwen

Ch. Mooncusser Sail Away, Amanda

Ch. Mooncusser’s Lilac-In-Bloom, Lilac

Ch. Mooncusser Salty as the Sea, Jessica

Ch. Mooncusser Star of the Sea, CGC, TDI, Cassie

Ch. Mooncusser’s Queen of Asia, Asia

Ch. Mooncusser’s Mainstay, Monica

Ch. Pouch Cove’s Second Wind, Jonesy

Mooncusser's Red Right Return, Rita

Ch. Royal Viking Mirror Image

Ch. Florence, DJ

Fantasea, Wanda

Mooncusser Set Sail, Julia
Mooncusser’s Morning Angel, WD

Ch. Mooncusser Color Me Pouch Cove, Grayse

Ch. Mooncusser's Bold As Brass, Sheila

Ch. Storyrex Lady Marion, Marion

Ch. Hanningfield’s Mooncusser, Norma

Ch. Hanningfield By Mooncusser, Sonya

Ch. Hanningfield SOS Mooncusser, Olivia
Ch. Mooncusser Thar She Blows, Liza
Ch. Starr King Sails to Mooncusser, ROM, Marilia

Ch. Mooncusser Chimneys Afire, Francesca

Ch. Mooncusser Thirteen Buttons, Cynthia

Mooncusser Eight Bells, Milena

Ch. Mooncusser Swinging The Lamp, Regina***

Whisper Hill Mooncusser Dinghy, Kayla

Mooncusser Nantucket Sleighride, Alexa

Ch. Mooncusser Southshore Showgirl, Lola

Ch. Mooncusser Zenyatta, Ziva

Mooncusser's Full Circle, DD, WD, WRD, Ceilidh

Ch. Mooncusser's Bell Bottoms, Ida

Ch. Mooncusser Beyond the Sea, Anya

Ch. Mooncusser Down to the Sea, Sophia

Ch. Mooncusser's Greta Garbo, Greta

Mooncusser Bristol Fashion, Christina

GCH. Mooncusser Island Paradise Moorea, Moorea

Ch. Mooncusser Goldikova, Mina

Ch. Mooncusser Tugboat Annie at Abbie Hill, Annie

Ch. Southshore's Rising Tide at Mooncusser, Nadia

Ch. Mooncusser Lookouts Below, Laura

Ch. Mooncusser What Cheer Ho, Pippa

Ch. Mooncusser Stays the Course, Natalia

Ch. Mooncusser Harborlight Lookout, Vesta

Ch. Mooncusser  Black Pearl Full Sail To Abbie Hill, Pearl

Ch. South Shore Ran Aground at Mooncusser, Teresa

Mooncusser Lifts All Boats, Mila

Ch. Abbie Hill Squared Away at Mooncusser, Rosina

Ch. Mooncusser Stem to Stern, McKenna

Ch. Mooncusser's Black Squall, Vienna

Ch. Mooncusser Sailors Take Warning, Yola

Ch. Mooncusser's Anchored Offshore, Darla



* Group Placing

** Group Winning
*** National Specialty Select

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